Boredom Busters for the Holidays

Currently its the school holidays here in New Zealand and I am sure that some kids are getting a little bored and perhaps the caregivers are running out of ideas of what to do to entertain the kids.

A relatively free idea to bust the boredom for the little kids, is to grab some crayons and paper and head outside to do some rubbings of various surfaces. Use a vaiety of colours but for best effect remove paper from your crayon and use the side of the crayon. Pencils can also be used if you don’t have any crayons, the results may not be as effective, but give it a go.

Some ideas of surfaces for rubbing include tree trunks, leaves, shells, grates, bricks, gravel, asphalt etc See which colours of crayons and surfaces give the best effect.

Tree trunk
Tree trunk

Various surface rubbings
Various surface rubbings

If the weather is not great for heading outdoors see what things you can find inside to take a rubbing of i.e carpet, vases, colanders, rings on stove top, cheese grater etc but some assistance may be required in case things are precious and you dont want them broken. Rubbings - indoors

Now what to do with all those pieces of paper? Turn them into wrapping paper, use them for a background in a drawing, make a collage, stick them on the fridge!
Go create some memories and let me know how you got on.

Fun Fact: Rubbing is possibly one of the oldest techiques used in printmaking. For more information see Rubbing origins

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