Upcycle DIY Photo Frame, a quick and easy way to add freshness to your decor

Upcycle, the process of transforming something old into something usable. Have you ever given upcycling a go or maybe you want to but aren’t sure where to start, help is at hand.

Photo frames are a household staple and after awhile they can end up looking a little unkempt or we fall out of love with them because they no longer fit in with our current decor. Often our first thought is to get rid of the frame by throwing it out which adds to our ever growing throwaway society, however with a little effort a frame can go from looking unappealing to gorgeous in a matter of minutes. All it takes is a fresh coat of paint and a little sanding.

Gather your supplies:
Paint brush
Sandpaper – P240 fine grit
Paper – for work surface protection
Paint can opener
Something to place frame on while drying

upcycle frame
Frame and equipement

See image below for the finished upcycled photo frame. To find out how to complete this project check out the article that I recently wrote for www.ourwebazine.co.nz a new New Zealand online magazine which is”all about having a fun lifestyle and celebrating the best NZ has to offer” The link to the article is here I would love to hear if you gave this little project a go.


upcycle frame
Picture Frame

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